Jokainen oppii!
- Musiikin taiteen perusopetusta lapsille, nuorille ja aikuisille

Welcome to the Suzukischool Oktaavia!

Suzukischool Oktaavia is a private music school in Oulu. We offer high quality teaching for children, teens and adults. The instruments available are violin, cello, guitar and piano.

Suzukischool Oktaavia follows the Suzuki teaching method in which all students are believed to be able to learn music. The teaching is encouraging and inspirational through positive pedagogy. The teachings under school aged students are done playfully. The goal is to make children grow an interest in music and teach the child comprehensively. The parents have an important role in the beginning of the journey. They participate to the private and group lessons and help the child at home.

The Suzuki method highlights community spirit and teamwork. Students are able to perform together from the beginning. This includes group lessons, concerts and music camps. 

Our school doesn´t host entrance exams. It is believed through the Suzuki method that everyone should have a chance and right to learn music. In student selection the most important criteria is the student´s own will to play an instrument. Students are selected into lessons through a registration system.

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